Experience the Art of Shopping in Bangkok

When visiting Bangkok, you are always advised to bring an empty suitcase along as the city offers a very fine retail therapy for the ardent shopaholic. It is often said, rightly so, that shopping makes the world go round. Nowhere is this little adage in full display than in the streets of Bangkok in places such as Sukhumvit. There are many of us who travel the world to go and shop and find some little marvels in numerous glittering shops situated in tourist hotspots. You can start your shopping tour by booking a great Bangkok hotel near shopping vistas in the city such as the Aetas Bangkok Hotel.

Everyone loves to shop. Whether you are planning to buy that special gift for a loved one, looking for some souvenirs during your leisure travel or sniffing out some of the bargains offered in the city or just indulging in some wonderful retail therapy to feel better about yourself, there are lots of wonderful places in Bangkok where you can unearth lots of little gems.

Shopping in Bangkok is a multi-faceted experience and many of the businesses here go a long way to make that experience as beautiful as possible. In the market stalls of Bangkok, you can easily barter for mementos and pick some nice stuff along the way without spending a cent. Many shops in Bangkok boast a very distinctive style. You can go into the glitzy and glam of some of the shops in Bangkok which are awash with some of the finest luxuries in the world. Some shops are hectic noisy areas with lots of haggling around while others are redolent with the beautiful smell of the aromas. As is often said, it can assault all your five senses and leave you with a fully wholesome experience.

Pratunam Market

This consists of some three malls which are connected by walkways. Here you can find a maze of shops with some really cool bargains. There are plenty of fashion items and dresses for special occasions. The items are wholesale so you can get the best deals when buying multiple items at the same time.

MBK Shopping Centre

This is another of the bargain hunters’ paradise. If you are looking for great bargains on more than just clothing or fashion items, then this is the place to be. There are more than 2000 stores in 8 floors here selling anything from furniture to electronic items amongst many others. There are plenty of cheap and cool looking items here although many of them are not quite authentic.

Siam Paragon

This is a great location for luxury shopping. There are 250 shops here in five floors here selling anything from the Lamborghinis to the latest shoe designs by Jimmy Choo. You will find quality items and top fashion trends here. Find a good Bangkok hotel near shopping areas and enjoy the finest in luxury retail therapy.

Khao San Road

This sounds like a place where you could get some great bargains and indeed that is what it is. It is a fun and bright place that is great for those looking for the best bargains on a variety of items.

The Patpong Night-Bazaar

Patpong may have a seedier reputation, but it is also has a classy shopping area where you can pick out some cool items. If you will be travelling to Thailand for some retail therapy, take time to choose a nice and luxurious Bangkok hotel near shopping districts and enjoy the thrill of shopping only a few minutes’ walk from your hotel room.

How to Stay Healthy as a Health Volunteer

Choosing to join programs for health volunteers overseas is one of the noblest ways to volunteer. Health care is one thing that a lot of the third world countries are deprived of. Health care to them is expensive; therefore, volunteers who dedicate their time and skill to care for these people are modern day heroes. But when you are working as a health care, there is the irony that your health could be at risk too. You are exposed to possible health contaminants and infections that you could end up acquiring if you don’t take the necessary precautions.

If you are looking at health volunteering programs overseas and want to be a part of that, here are a few healthy tips to keep in mind first. You should work on keeping yourself healthy first so that you can provide the service that the local community expects from you.

See a Doctor First

Before you make that trip as part of your health volunteer work overseas, you should get a medical checkup first. Some countries also have existing health epidemics that you should know about. Make sure that your doctor has cleared you before you embark on your volunteering journey. It is also important to take all of the necessary vaccinations required for your specific destination.

Bring Your Own Health Kit

Most volunteer programs for health workers provide health assistance to those in need, such as in the form of medicine and free health checkups. But you have to pack your own travel health kit. This will carry basic health care supplies and medicines you need during emergency cases, especially when you do not have immediate access to health support from the program. Among the things you should carry in your health kit includes medicines, antibacterial wipes, antacids, insect repellent and more. Check Involvement Volunteers International for more details.

Get Enough Sleep

When you are volunteering abroad, you probably won’t have a definite sleep schedule. But when you have some time off from your volunteering duties, always put a priority on getting enough rest and sleep. Health volunteers overseas are often deprived of sleep in their desire to provide services to the local community. But when you lack the sleep, you are more vulnerable to acquiring illnesses. You should attain the minimum sleep requirement each day.

Get Some Exercise and Eat Healthy

It is hard to keep up with your exercise routine if you are overseas. Health volunteers overseas need any exercise they can get, though. You do not need fancy equipment or an expensive gym membership to stay fit and healthy. You can go for a few minutes of jog each morning, or do yoga (it takes little to no equipment). It is also important to maintain a healthy diet. When buying local food items, make sure you clean them thoroughly and make sure they are properly cooked. You would not want to consume bacteria that can lead to diarrhea. To be on the safe side, do not try eating something that you haven’t tried before.

Ironic as it may seem, health workers are the ones most vulnerable to health risks. You should, therefore, take the above measures to protect your own health so you can be a more effective volunteer. For more info, visit http://www.volunteering.org.au/volunteer-abroad/medicine-healthcare/